Interior Pre-Production Agreement


We are very grateful you have entrusted us with the painting of the interior of your home and we look forward to working with you! Over the years we have developed a process and standards for painting interiors. Please take a moment to read through our guidelines, and practices to ensure we have a successful painting experience!

1). Personal Belongings

While we love to help our customers in any way we can, we cannot under any circumstances move your personal belongings. Please make plans to either move items yourself or hire a professional mover to help you. Three feet from the walls is adequate. If painting closets, they are to be empty. If painting ceilings taller than 9ft, room is to be empty.

2.). Start Time

We plan on starting work between 6 AM and 7 AM for unoccupied projects and 7 AM for occupied projects. If this is too early, please let us know and we will adjust accordingly.

3). Color Selection

Please have your color selections to us no later than the Friday prior to the week we will be starting your project. If you require assistance in choosing colors, we would be happy to arrange a color consultation to assist in the process. Please understand that while we can give an opinion and guidance we cannot under any circumstances be held liable for color choices.

4). Sheen

Sherwin Williams‘ product Cashmere comes in flat, low lustre (eggshell), pearl (semi gloss), and medium lustre (gloss). Flat is typical for most ceilings excluding bathrooms where low lustre will be used. Low lustre is typical for walls. Pearl is typical for trim and doors. Unless you request otherwise, this standard will be applied.

5). Home Access

Please plan to provide access to your home by providing a key or having someone available to let us in. We typically finish work between 2 PM and 3 PM.

6). Current Home Condition

It is very helpful to take inventory of the current condition of the interior of your home. For example, if there are existing drips, runs, and overspray from a previous painter, we try to make notations of those items before beginning. If there are any broken spindles or loose toilet covers the same should be notated. We will do a visual inspection for these items, but it is very helpful for our customers to perform a quick visual inspection as well.

7). Interior Access

Our typical process requires that we have total access to all the painted areas of your home at the beginning of the project through the very end. While we understand this may be inconvenient because of displacement, it allows us to be as efficient as possible so you can regain full access to your home more quickly. Please ask your project manager for detailed instructions for plan of action.

8). Scope & Standard Exclusions

The standards for prep and paint are listed in the bid document. Please carefully read the scope notated, outlined painting process, and exclusions. If something is not explicitly stated then it is not included. Included but not limited to the following -

- Drywall and texture work
- Door hardware removal and replacement.
- Scheme change - Standard is to match existing transitions.
- Color additions.
- Millwork. Should be a detailed list unless all millwork to be painted. Exclusions notated accordingly under the “exclusions” line item.

9.) Sink Access

We will require access to a utility sink or other cleanable sink (i.e. stainless steel) to wash brushes, rollers, etc. If you do not feel comfortable with our painters using an interior sink, please let us know so we can plan on using the exterior spigot.

10). Application

Our bid assumes that the production manager and crew together will determine method of application - spray, brush, roll...The categories of efficiency and quality will be applied accordingly to provide you with the best finish with the quickest turnaround time.

11). New Flooring

If you have plans for new floors of any kind, please let us know prior to production. Depending on your project, flooring trades should be scheduled after painting with a few exceptions. Please contact your project manager for a plan of action.

12). Cleanup

We clean up paint debris, trash, tools and all materials at the end of the project. Painting creates a lot of dust. Our clean up is not a deep cleaning of your home and does not remove all dust from the process. Please plan accordingly prior to putting your home back in order.

13.) First Right of Repair

Should any accident occur, or any work be nonconforming to industry standards, Singletrack Painting reserves the right to control the remedy of any and all issues.

14.) Contact and Communication

Crews and crew leads are on site all day to perform the work and will be available should any question arise about the painting process. Your project manager will also be available to answer any questions that might arise before, during, and after the completion of the painting work. They will check in roughly once per day for the duration of your project, either in person or by phone/email. Should a question about scope or additional work arise during the process, please contact your project manager immediately. Also, please be available to communicate during our

normal business hours of 7-530 Monday to Friday. We try to correspond in a timely manner but responding after hours is the exception not the rule.

15). Final Walk-Through

You will be notified by the Project Manager when our crew is getting close to completing your project. The crew will do an inspection of their work with the project manager if available at the time of completion. This is NOT the final walk-through. The final walk-through will be performed by the project manager at a date that will be scheduled with you. Final touchups are done at the final walk-through. Once final touchups are completed, payment should be made in full to the project manager via check or cash. Receipt, warranty, and all other post-production documents will be sent via email/USPS from our office.

Finally, as a company we place the highest value on transparency in the construction process. If there is any question you have, any point in need of clarification, or any term you don’t understand it is your responsibility to ask and we will gladly provide an answer.

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